Anton Morgunov

About Me

Hello! My name is Anton. I’m an aspiring chemist with a particular interest in everything connected to processes occuring in living organisms. Besides, I enjoy teaching and helping other students, who are interested in science.

  • Currently inCambridge, MA
  • PGPPublic Key
  • E-mailanton [at] ischemist [dot] com
  • InterestsScience | Teaching | Sailing


Massachussetts Institute of Technology

Sep 2018-Current Cambridge, MA

  • Candidate for Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology
  • Selected Coursework: Organic Chemistry II, Biochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Genetics, Fundamentals of Programming, Differential Equations, Chemical Biology
  • Expected graduation date: May 2022
  • GPA: 5.0/5.0

Abay Middle School Gymnasium

2006-2010 Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan

Elementary school

Honors and Awards

"EL MAQTANYSHY" (Pride of the Nation) - an award from Elbasy Academy

2019 Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

"The one who brings students to an Olympian peak" - an award from Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan

2019 Aktobe, Kazakhstan

International Chemistry Olympiad - Gold Medal, #10/297

2017 Nakhonpathom, Thailand

International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad - Gold Medal, #8/120

2017 Astana, Kazakhstan

National Chemistry Olympiad - Gold Medal, Absolute Winner

2017 Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

International Chemistry Olympiad - Silver Medal

2016 Tbilisi, Georgia

International Mendeleev Chemistry Olympiad - Bronze Medal

2016 Moscow, Russia

National Chemistry Olympiad - Gold Medal, Absolute Winner

2016 Kokshetau, Kazakhstan

NIS Taldykorgan - Student of the Year

2016-2017 Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan


Head Mentor

Feb 2019 - Current Kazakhstan National Chemistry Team

  • Write problems for National Chemistry Olympiads
  • Teach students who are selected to represent Kazakhstan on International Olympiads
  • Write, compile, and grade exams on training camps
  • Head Mentor at IChO 2019 in Paris, France

Research Assistant

Sep 2018 - Current Raines Lab

  • Designed and performed organic synthesis of heterocyclic aromatic compounds for biochemical purposes
  • Employed a variety of purification techniques, including regular and reversed-phase chromatography
  • Characterized organic structures using 1H NMR, 13C NMR, and APCI/ESI MS

Coordinator & Co-Founder

March 2018 - Current BeyondCurriculum

  • Expansion of previous community to include physics, math, biology, and geography
  • Organize online Q&A sessions with ex-olympians, including students from Harvard and Moscow State University

Chemistry Olympiads Teacher

May 2017 - Current Community of Students "Pagodane"

  • Founded an online platform for the preparation of students from all over Kazakhstan, published a comprehensive preparation plan for international olympiads in collaboration with other successful olympians from Russia
  • Cumulatively achieved 1100+ members, 400+ topics, 1000+ posts, and more than 800 clicks on thank-you button

Co-Founder, Writer, Chief Editor, Designer

Nov 2015 - Sep 2017 Science Magazine "Kvazar"

  • Founded first high school science magazine in Kazhakstan, scaled to 11800+ unique visitors on the website monthly.
  • Invited as informational partners for an 8000-strong science festival in St. Petersburg with focus on AI, VR, 3D technologies.
  • Invited as informational partners for Robotics EXPO 2017 in Moscow

Research Fellow - "Deregulation vs. Protectionism"

Jan - May 2017 Global Perspectives

  • Conducted secondary research and analyzed global economical issues from multilevel perspectives
  • Evaluated different sources of information using RAVEN technique, developed and executed public survey with 195 participants from 21 countries.

Chemistry Research Assistant "Natural Indicators"

Oct 2014 - June 2015 KazNU

  • Designed and executed research project on the potential role of natural alternatives of synthetic indicators in qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • Extracted multiple compounds from plants and vegetables. Created pInd scales and compiled research report, achieved 1st place award at Costa D-Amalfi summer camp in Malaysia