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Anton Morgunov

Inspired by the vastness of knowledge created by scientific giants of the past, I'm driven to delve into the tools of quantum chemistry and artificial intelligence. My goal is to use these tools to enhance our understanding of chemical and biological processes. Outside of my professional endeavors, I contribute to a nonprofit focused on providing educational resources for high school students passionate about STEM.


My Philosophy

I adhere to two core postulates: that objective truth exists and that it's discernible through the scientific method. I believe that human beings are ordained to pursue eudaimonia through contemplation and investigation of the Universe. I'm particularly interested in the mechanisms of life, and chemistry, in my view, stands as the central science that provides direct path to their understanding. I decided to focus on theoretical and computational chemistry tools because they allow to minimize the time between formulation and testing of the hypothesis. In my day-to-day work, I prefer first-principles thinking, which is both a strength and a weakness, as sometimes I could've saved time if I studied more literature first. Fortunately, I succeed in surrounding myself with amazing people who complement my shortcomings.

Many recognize the value of scientific research, which by its nature expands our boundaries of knowledge. Few recognize, however, that in this process the starting point is as important as the delta by which you advance. Without concerted efforts to preserve the known, its boundaries will recede just like the plasma membrane contracts under reduced osmotic pressure. The knowledge frontiers are preserved by a system of education; therefore, I contribute to educational initiatives that promote science and support those who strive to go beyond school curriculum.

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